We Can’t Let COVID-19 Take Over Our Life Anymore

I decided to go to Starbucks to conduct my three interviews because it is a place where you can find all types of people and age ranges, it is always busy, and also because who doesn’t go to Starbucks. The three people that I decided to interview were Sofia, a barista at Starbucks, Melanie Lopez, a college student, and Mia, a regular customer at Starbucks. After Interviewing these three people it gave me insight on their perspective regarding COVID-19 issues.

Sofia is a 21-year-old who has been working as a barista for Starbucks for almost three years. As an essential worker, Sofia has dealt with a lot of changes throughout COVID-19. She was unemployed for a couple of months, and when returning to work there were new COVID-19 regulations that she needed to get used to for the safety of all customers and employees. Sofia’s biggest concern regarding the COVID-19 vaccine is that if it is safe to use. Sofia thinks that social media is a place to get misleading information and Sofia thinks it is a way to get people scared and make money for selling anti-COVID-19 remedies.

Melanie Lopez is an 18-year-old first-year college student attending the University of California Santa Cruz. Her biggest concern regarding COVID-19 is that there are a lot of conspiracy theories that make people not want to get the vaccine, and how hard it is for non-English speakers to make an appointment to get the vaccine. Melanie is a Koreatown local and was born and raised in Koreatown. She thinks that gentrification is a huge problem in Koreatown, “ It’s more than just buildings being built, it’s low-income families having to lose their homes or become homeless.”

Mia is 19 years old and is a regular customer at Starbucks. Mia is skeptical when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine and if it is safe and she is skeptical of the vaccine because of how fast they made the vaccine. Mia’s biggest local issue is homelessness and how it has increased throughout COVID-19 and has noticed a lot of tents in local parks and streets. She hopes that this situation will soon improve and that people could find homes again.

I definitely can agree and relate to certain stuff they all said. I do think that social media is a place to get misleading information and is not always reliable. Gentrification in Koreatown is a huge problem and it is an issue that my community is currently facing. Homelessness has increased because of COVID-19 I have seen so many parks like Echo Park with a lot of tents and even on my street as well. When it comes to the vaccine I did feel skeptical about it because of the misinformation I was receiving, but now I feel like it is an important step to get things back to “normal”.

This is Starbucks located in Koreatown inside the Chapman Market by 6th and Alexandria Ave.



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Angel Castaneda

Hello! I am currently a sophomore at CSUN and majoring in public relations with an emphasis in journalism.